Every year I end up writing an oblegatory post claiming to update my blog with things that I have been playing around with. However this time things will be different (duh).For the last few years I had been working as the CTO of the startup and took a lot of time away from things that I enjoy, mainly technology. On top of it I was pursuing a Masters in High Performance Computing with required a lot of time dedication due to the overload of different assignments and submissions which never ceaces to end.

Since I am done with both my previous endeavours, I have decided to focus on becoming a researcher and explor parts of computer science which had always felt like a black box when all I did was play around at the application layer of the OSI layer.

For most of my software journey I have been using managed languages like Ruby and Go and the dreaded Java, I failed to connect to how the hardware actually did most of the work for us and the layers of magic (systems software) which command it.

The first topic I will look into is the GNU C standard library, Though I had worked with C during my university days I barely used it to its full extent. Though I was able to write some code that would solve the assignments, but real world problems like strlen not returning the correct length of the string or accidently returning the correct length for most of cases, only brought frustration rather than pleasure.Once I have a good grasp on the libc implement I would like to move towards parts of the compilation process which still allude me from linking to assembly.

I would like to end my post with an obligatory gif to sum up my excitement