Last month I released a plugin for fog, a ruby gem that helps you manage servers on different cloud providers.

Cloudatcost is one of those unique providers where you can get a server for lifetime so basically you will don’t have to worry about paying for the machine every month.However the ui to create the virtual machine is extremely horrible.But then I came across their api. The noticed you can set the ram capacity for each machine through it.This is unlike most other providers who have a fixed size for the virtual machine.

So here is how i used fog-cloudatcost to setup multiple vpn servers.

require 'fog'

cac ={
  :provider  => 'CloudAtCost',
  :email     => '',         # Your email address
  :api_key   => 'poiuweoruwoeiuroiwuer', # your API Token   
# Then we get the OS templates available

cac.templates.each do |image|
  puts image.detail

server = cac.servers.create :cpu => 'foobar', # 1, 2, 4 
                            :ram  => 1024, # multiple of 4 min 512
                            :storage => 10, # 10G
                            :template_id => 75 #Template id