You might have heard a lot of people claiming that privacy on the internet is dead.Yes that might be partially true.NSA thanks for reading this post.As for those of you who still want to say away from the preying eyes of the ads agencies, you might want to take a look at the following plugins/tools.

Here are the plugins that I use to keep trackers away.

  • Adblock Plus - This plugin is probably the most popular of the bunch,in general people use this to block ads on the internet.I cannot imagine surfing the internet without this.Moreover the source code for the plugin is available at

  • - This plugin was build by some ex-engineers from Google and other ad agencies.This plugin block a lot of tracking scripts.

  • Ghostery - Ghostery is a very popular plugin due to its large number of features.You can make ghostery block more than 1000+ trackers,it even allows you to remove those pesky share buttons on the website.

  • Privacy Badger - Privacy badger is plugin the EFF released in order to prevent tracking of users across multiple sites.Privacy badger has a smart blocker which you can customize to allow certain access especially for cookies.Privacy badger also makes it easy for ad agencies to specify the level of tracking that they do.It also turns DNT on.

  • Ublock Origin - I recently came across Ublock.Compared to the rest of the plugins Ublock is much more strict. It blocks many out going connections which might be used as a tracking signal by the ad agencies.It also makes use the tracker list shared by ghostery.

Even though these plugins try to uphold our privacy by blocking the ad companies.It does nothing to keep our data safe from the misuse of the ISP.

The keep you ISP at bay you might want to setup your own VPN, you can find the setup instruction over at another blog post I wrote about a year ago. Setup PPTP VPN on linux