For the past two months I had been extremely busy and I was not able to read a single book and my goodreads to read list was just skyrocketing.

The only way to get the reading done was to read during my travel to work.I would get about 2 hrs ,that would give me about 80hrs of reading time every month that enough for 2-4 books a month.Since I had a nexus 7 I tried reading a couple of book on it.The tablet is fine piece of technology but with 7inches of screen and the 16:10 ratio makes it difficult to read books on forcing me to slide the screen every couple of seconds in landscape mode.

On 16th October Apple announced the new iPad with new processor and touchId.It didnt really wow me as this was just same old apple talk that we get to listen during any of their product launch events.The device was available for preorder but there were 0 reviews of the air 2 on any website except for the rehashes from the announcement.

During the same time Google announced the new Nexus tablet for 2014 which was the nexus 9.Just like the ipad it was an incrementation improvement over the previous nexus except for the bigger screen.

Finally after reviews were out for both the devices, decided to go with the iPad not because the nexus was an inferior device.I was able to order the iPad whereas I had to wait for a couple of weeks to get the nexus 9.I ordered the iPad on Thursday with estimated delivery on 28th.But after checking the order status today,I seems like I will be getting my iPad on on 26th.Time to get reading.