Malware authors are developers too

Last week my colleague at TURN8 informed me that his browser was infected with adware.

As eminent from the previous blog post Adware Medic came right to my mind.

So i launched adware medic and it immediately detected the malware in the ` /Users/username/Library/ScriptingAdditions ` .There was folder which contained the malware waiting for me to delete and delete it just what I did.

But after a couple of minutes my colleague asked me I got rid of the malware.So I took a look at the folder and the malware had somehow restored itself.

Whenever Safari would launch it would restore the folder to its original state.After trying the same thing a couple of times I decided to do something stupid.

I launched the terminal and changed the owner of the directory from my colleague’s user to root.This immediately stopped the malware insight.

Then I realized that the malware author were developers just like us.They trip and fall just like us.