Fixing switchResx saving issue

Recently I bought a ultra-wide monitor which a really weird but useful 21:9 aspect ratio.The only way mac would support this if i get a mini displayport to displayport adapter.

Since some orders take weeks for souq to fullfil.I decided to the use the single DVI cable from my older monitor on the new one.Once I plugged it in I faced the same issue the mac would only render only upto Full HD or 1920 X 1080.After a quick googling I found that SwitchResX can solve this issue.

But for some reason every time I create a custom resolution of 2560 X 1080,SwitchResX would not save it and if it did it would say not installed.I tried this a couple of times.I even deleted all the SwitchResX files and even uninstall SwitchResX from the menu bar.

Even setting the resolution was really  difficult, after rebooting a couple of times I finally got it working with the following settings.

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 10.27.03 AM


To get SwitchResX to save the settings.Follow the instructions in these instructions:

  • Create a new user on the mac
  • Install the SwitchResX application,this will start the 10 days trial.
  • Create the resolution profile and save it.
  • It should prompt you to reboot the mac.Please do so.

And Voila the resolution is should now present on your original user’s SwitchResX.Now you can select it in the current resolution tab.

  • Daniel

    Wow. Just wow.

    This is an absolutely counterintuitive approach. It’s also the only one that worked for me.

    By the way, I’m using an HDMI cable.

    Thank you so much.

  • Daniel

    Just to give you some more context:

    Earlier this year I built my custom hackintosh. It has been running OSX 10.10.2 and I don’t yet intend on updating the os nor the drivers for the GT 730 and GTX 780 in it.

    I don’t know if you know, but for the last few years BlackMagic Design has been turning their color correction software — the DaVinci Resolve — into a pretty interesting editing software and since you get a bundle for the full version of it when you buy one of their cameras, which I did, I decided to really give it a try.

    So the idea behind getting a brand new ultrawide monitor — the LG 25UM65 — was for it to display Resolve’s GUI while an older regular E2260V would serve as an external monitor, since that’s the only way you’ll get fullscreen playback on Resolve.

    (Which is a bummer.)

    As a kind of a selling point, Resolve’s quite pleasant to the eyes GUI is optimised for 2560×1440. Or at least it was according to last version’s user manual. Anyway. For budgetary reasons, I actually settled on going as far as 2560×1080 with the LG 25UM65.

    And as for the GPUs, I’d rather leave the GTX 780 to computing only and the GT 730 to handle GUI.

    Unfortunately, I ran into this same problem you did. Couldn’t get the 2560×1080 resolution to show up, and every single reference to this problem on the web depended on me getting a Display Port cable. So I’d have to get a new cable. But that’s not the problem.

    The problem is that my GT 730 doesn’t have a Display Port output, so I would actually have to buy a new cable and an almost identical new GPU, since I have absolutely zero interest in using my GTX 780 for GUI.

    Besides, who even knows if that was going to work?

    But now I don’t even have to wonder, as I won’t need any new GPUs or cables.

    This is the size of the problem you helped me with.

    Once again, thank you very much for this post.

    • h0lyalg0rithm

      Glad to hear it fixed your problem.

  • Daniel

    Also, I was wondering if the need for admin authorization and rebooting when saving SwitchResX settings on a regular user account could be the actual key for this to work as it does.

    Do you think it would work if instead of creating a custom resolution on the admin user account you just installed SwitchResX on it and went straight to creating a new regular user and so on?

    • h0lyalg0rithm

      I think the issue is that switchresx would not erraise the configuration,after the restart.It seems like when you run as another user and save the preference the original user is not able to modify the preference thus remaining persistent after the reboot.

      This is my guess.So you could create an account and test if everything works and then delete the account.

  • You guy rocks!!! Thanks a lot for your solution!

  • Thanks a lot man!! I was almost giving up of my monitor that I bought!

    • h0lyalg0rithm

      You are welcome.Which monitor were you using?

      • LG 29UM67 – but I’m using with my Macbook Air together, but the resolution of the font is so pixelate in compare with the Macbook Air monitor.

        • h0lyalg0rithm

          @FeSantosSP:disqus There shouldnt be black bars on the side.You could use the whole resolution of the screen.

          • Sorry I fixed with your help yesterday! 🙂 Here is the actual picture and now I fix it the problem with font just changing contrast and brightness. Thanks for help!

          • h0lyalg0rithm

            Nice 🙂

          • Tom van der Most

            did you used the options on top of this page ? because when i’m trying it i got the message out of range ;(
            i now just got it with normal mode with those black bars on the each side

          • Bill da Krill

            @h0lyalg0rithm:disqus My screen still has black bars on sides. How did you fix it?

        • Bill da Krill

          My screen still looks like this (with black bars on sides). How did you fix it?

  • Jake Wisener

    I have a LG UltraWide 25UM56. I was able to make the custom resolution profile, but received a “Out of Range” message with a black screen. I have a late 2011 Mac Pro.

    • timimdesigns

      I have the same issue with 2011 iMac. Same LG monitor, too.

    • h0lyalg0rithm

      @jakewisener:disqus I am not really familiar with the issue.Can you try to reduce the scan rate and see if it fixes the issue.

      • Jake Wisener

        I have tried that already. I have reduced it to as low as 20, still nothing. I do not know a lot about my model of Mac Pro besides the year and the video outs on the back. I have 1 VGA 1 DVI and two thunderbolts. I am using a thunderbolt to HDMI for my monitor. I hope some of that information might be helpful.

        • h0lyalg0rithm

          Have you tried to connect it with a displayport cable.I ended up buying one about 10$.The display will work correctly with it,no need for SwitchResX in that case.
          I bought one similar to this

        • Cas

          I’ve got exact the same problem (out of range). Have you, by any chance, already found a solution?

          • woooh77

            I tried the same settings. It was working before the latest mac update. now it doesn’t 🙁

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  • Chris LoPresto

    Thanks for posting this. I just upgraded to the macOS Sierra beta and lost my SwitchResX monitor profile. I reinstalled SwitchResX but it wasn’t working properly until I found your advice… created a separate user account, set up the new custom resolution, rebooted, voila.

  • Kid Stretch

    I’ve bought the LG29UM58, thank God i’ve found this page, i was about to return the monitor!
    I created a new user in order to make it work. Eveything’s fine now!
    Is there a setting where the screen turns off by itself when it’s not active (when it’s not having any windows on it). A friend of mine has an ond monitor that does just that.

  • Marcus Rendon

    What about the display information? Do you set anything for startup resolution or scaled resolution base?

  • Nathanael Montgomery

    Hey, wondering where you acquired those exact settings? I’m trying to find the native resolutions for my samsung ue590 UHD monitor so I can input them into ScreenResX… Did you brute-force tinker until you got them right? Or did you have some guidance?

    • h0lyalg0rithm

      I just brute forced it till it started working

  • Mazin Assanie

    Worked for me and my mid-2012 Macbook Pro Retina and an Acer XR342CK 34″ running at 3440×1440 @ 60hz. Thanks!

  • Deus Paul

    For me it worked by going to custom resolution, adding a new entry with scaled instead of custom, CVT-RB and putting 2560×1080 resolution. After rebooting it magically appeared with 2560×1080 resolution. I did not checkmark startup resolution or scale resolution base, that would always send me to “out of range”. Was about to give up on this after trying everything I saw and on this last attempt it worked n_n