Last week i got the Xiaomi Mi Band.It a basic fitness tracker, It monitors the number of steps you travel and your sleep pattern.Ever since I got the device I have it on my arm.

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The good parts:

The battery life on this device is just amazing.Even after a full week of active usage, the battery has just drained from 100% to 85%.Thats just 15% drain per week.If the drainage remains the same, the device should stay charged for another 5 weeks.Thats really impressive, 6 weeks of battery life.



Looking at the manufacturers website they claim the device will run for 30 days on standby charge.This is really important as they are unpromising and over-delivering.Something a lot of other companies lack(Yes I am talking about you samsung).


What makes the deal even sweeter is that the device is just for 15$ – 20$ depends on where you buy it from.I bought the device in dubai for 110AED.


Now the bad parts:


The device only tracks your steps,It could have been better if it could track activities and heart-rate.(With a bump in the price ofcourse).The mobile application is not a best compared to other fitness tracking applications.However it syncs to the apple health app, so other applications can make use of the tracked data.Other than the device is great,I even took it under the shower and it doesn’t show any signs of damage.



Alfa awus036h is a really wireless usb adapter.It gained its popularity due it cross platform driver compatibility.Moreover the driver allows the device to run in promiscuous mode.This mode allows the wireless NIC to listen to responses in the wireless spectrum even ones that are not destined to it.

Its basically turns the device into a microphone that listens to all the traffic in the air.

So two weeks ago I decided to order one from souq.I received the device within a week.I was really happy to receive the order.The packaging was clean and nothing really stood out.But the minute I opened the box to take a look at the contents, I was shocked.The label behind the alfa card was mispelled.The alfa card mentioned it supported wireless N.This was really weird as the ALFA awus036h doesnt support the wireless n network.Nevertheless I plugged in the device into a linux machine.The device was detected and it tried to connect to one of the networks and asked me for the password.

Even though the device was fake, It seems to work and connect to the network.I then went through the box to find a mini cd which should contain the drivers for the card.I inserted the card into the CD drive and It had a version a of ralink 2080 driver.The original alfa is supposed to have RTL8187L(Realtek).I tried the wireless card for a couple of days and I was facing a lot of issues with the wireless range.

It was not able to detect a lot of the wireless clients in promiscuous mode.This was a huge let down as this was the primary reason for me to buy the device in the first place.



Notice the 8002.11 WTF

Recently I bought a ultra-wide monitor which a really weird but useful 21:9 aspect ratio.The only way mac would support this if i get a mini displayport to displayport adapter.

Since some orders take weeks for souq to fullfil.I decided to the use the single DVI cable from my older monitor on the new one.Once I plugged it in I faced the same issue the mac would only render only upto Full HD or 1920 X 1080.After a quick googling I found that SwitchResX can solve this issue.

But for some reason every time I create a custom resolution of 2560 X 1080,SwitchResX would not save it and if it did it would say not installed.I tried this a couple of times.I even deleted all the SwitchResX files and even uninstall SwitchResX from the menu bar.

Even setting the resolution was really  difficult, after rebooting a couple of times I finally got it working with the following settings.

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 10.27.03 AM


To get SwitchResX to save the settings.Follow the instructions in these instructions:

  • Create a new user on the mac
  • Install the SwitchResX application,this will start the 10 days trial.
  • Create the resolution profile and save it.
  • It should prompt you to reboot the mac.Please do so.

And Voila the resolution is should now present on your original user’s SwitchResX.Now you can select it in the current resolution tab.

PopCorn time is free app which lets users stream movies and tv shows for free.For the geek in me, the best part about the app is that it is open source and build on top of node making it cross platform.

After taking a look at the code to figure out how exactly the app downloads torrents.I learnt about peerflix module.This module takes care of downloading the torrent.

After going through the README I noticed you can use peerflix as a commandline tool for any kind of torrent file including magnet links.From now on Peerflix has become my definitive  way to stream tv shows.

peerflix "magnet:?xt=urn:btih:ef330b39f4801d25b4245212e75a38634bfc856e"   --vlc


For the past two months I had been extremely busy and I was not able to read a single book and my goodreads to read list was just skyrocketing.
The only way to get the reading done was to read during my travel to work.I would get about 2 hrs ,that would give me about 80hrs of reading time every month that enough for 2-4 books a month.Since I had a nexus 7 I tried reading a couple of book on it.The tablet is fine piece of technology but with 7inches of screen and the 16:10 ratio makes it difficult to read books on forcing me to slide the screen every couple of seconds in landscape mode.
On 16th October Apple announced the new iPad with new processor and touchId.It didnt really wow me as this was just same old apple talk that we get to listen during any of their product launch events.The device was available for preorder but there were 0 reviews of the air 2 on any website except for the rehashes from the announcement.

During the same time Google announced the new Nexus tablet for 2014 which was the nexus 9.Just like the ipad it was an incrementation improvement over the previous nexus except for the bigger screen.

Finally after reviews were out for both the devices, decided to go with the iPad not because the nexus was an inferior device.I was able to order the iPad whereas I had to wait for a couple of weeks to get the nexus 9.I ordered the iPad on Thursday with estimated delivery on 28th.But after checking the order status today,I seems like I will be getting my iPad on on 26th.Time to get reading.