Currently i am running this blog and getting a decent amount of traffic but with increasing traffic there is increasing amount of spam hitting the server.Everyday i had to clean up the comments logs until I found Akismet.I used the free personal key and now akismet cleans the comment feed for me and it seems to work very well.Not a single false positive yet

After destroying my previous blog(thanks to ec2).I have planned to take regular backups of my blog.Making sure I have a hot as well as soft backup,everything from the theme i developed to the content on the page.

Steps I have taken to prevent such a mishap.

  • Version Control – I am starting to version control the theme I will use on the site .
  • Remote repository – Having a remote repository is useful as it works as a backup with the added benefit of working remotely.I am using Bitbucket (link) which allows me to have unlimited private repositories and it is completely free.
  • The server deployment itself is version control as I have installed it with chef(link).
  • Lastly I have installed Backwpup which is a free plugin for wordpress.I does automatic backup of the data similar to a cron job.It lets you make a complete backup of you database as well as the wp-content folder of the website.