PopCorn time is free app which lets users stream movies and tv shows for free.For the geek in me, the best part about the app is that it is open source and build on top of node making it cross platform.

After taking a look at the code to figure out how exactly the app downloads torrents.I learnt about peerflix module.This module takes care of downloading the torrent.

After going through the README I noticed you can use peerflix as a commandline tool for any kind of torrent file including magnet links.From now on Peerflix has become my definitive  way to stream tv shows.

peerflix "magnet:?xt=urn:btih:ef330b39f4801d25b4245212e75a38634bfc856e"   --vlc


For a couple of days I was looking for an extremely cheap vps provider on websites like lowendtalk .Having a vpn handy is really useful especially when using an network.After going through a lot of the providers and their infrastructure, I landing on host1plus.

Host1Plus is an extreme cheap VPS provider where the hosting starting from 2$ and goes up depending on the hardware specs you select.For a standard VPS with about 3-4 concurrent users a 256 MB ram computer is sufficient enough.Setting up this vpn was really easy all i had to do was install the pptpd package from the ubuntu repository.After some minor configuration changes I was up and running with a VPN that works and routes all my traffic though it.

The vpn was working fine for a couple of days until one day i could not connect to it.Seems like there was an issue with the host1plus network configuration due to which i was not able to reach my server.So i logged onto the admin dashboard and reinstalled the OS with their oneclick reinstall button.I had to go through the same process as before to setup the users , iptables ……

I had been playing around with chef for a couple of months now.So I though making a chef cookbook to install pptp and configure would make the setup really easy.Just running one command with smart default was the primary goal of this cookbook.

So I wrote a cookbook which is available on github.To use the cookbook you need chef installed.And you need to add the pptpd recipe to the node.json file.

Other details on how to use the cookbook is available on README.

Writing the cookbook was easy given chef has a very clean and neatly defined DSL to perform actions on the server.

For the past two months I had been extremely busy and I was not able to read a single book and my goodreads to read list was just skyrocketing.
The only way to get the reading done was to read during my travel to work.I would get about 2 hrs ,that would give me about 80hrs of reading time every month that enough for 2-4 books a month.Since I had a nexus 7 I tried reading a couple of book on it.The tablet is fine piece of technology but with 7inches of screen and the 16:10 ratio makes it difficult to read books on forcing me to slide the screen every couple of seconds in landscape mode.
On 16th October Apple announced the new iPad with new processor and touchId.It didnt really wow me as this was just same old apple talk that we get to listen during any of their product launch events.The device was available for preorder but there were 0 reviews of the air 2 on any website except for the rehashes from the announcement.

During the same time Google announced the new Nexus tablet for 2014 which was the nexus 9.Just like the ipad it was an incrementation improvement over the previous nexus except for the bigger screen.

Finally after reviews were out for both the devices, decided to go with the iPad not because the nexus was an inferior device.I was able to order the iPad whereas I had to wait for a couple of weeks to get the nexus 9.I ordered the iPad on Thursday with estimated delivery on 28th.But after checking the order status today,I seems like I will be getting my iPad on on 26th.Time to get reading.

Its been about two months since i sat down to write a blog post.Just like my dieting there are always highs and lows.Now that the 5 projects are done with I can return safely to my computer and type away.


Usually when I am on a diet I would start the week off with high hopes and energy not consuming those awesome delicacies on my way home.But as the week passes by I would revert back to my old habits and eating out of control.
The same happens when I start blogging ,it starts of with a couple of posts every week and as work piles up I stop writing and that ends up i this lonely graveyard i call my blog.

So this time I will make it an habit to write atleast one post every week.