I am really crazy about the concept of time travel not regular travel(I hate travelling where the weather is bad).By writing this blog i have actually done some sort of time travel or something close to it.

Now you might me wondering what I was talking about.Thats where the crazy inception comes along.The inception here is the blog post.
For me blog posts are a way of reminding the future me on how to get things done.I might have learnt about something of utter importance a year ago and due to the way my brain functions ,my long term memory is pretty crap without exercise.

This post a note for myself in the future.

From next week onwards I will be dealing with atleast 7 or more clients who want their app build in 2 months.That roughly gives me about.

var time = 60 days;
var clients = 7;
var time_per_project = 60/7 = 8.5 days


So now was the time to get my software development stuff ready things like chef recipes and build system.
Since I had never setup a integration server from scratch,I thought this will take lot of time as the build servers are based on java and my inexperience in the java deployment scene made me even more reluctant.

Once I got over this.I went to the jenkins website to download the java version.I was so worried it would mess up my system.I created a vagrant host.Install java and the other dependencies.But to my surprise It was pretty simple to setup.All i had to do was run

java -jar jenkins.war

Boom and now i have a build server running inside my host.To prepare my build task I had to write a script file which the build server would run and thenĀ i would have all the test running.